We provide all of the core services you would expect, but all of our clients notice the difference.

Supporting your IHR function

  • Our team have trained overseas and all over the UK. Unlike our rivals, we have worked for major multi-nationals but many small corporates and start-ups.
  • Our network of overseas colleagues sets us apart. We know many of them personally, which is rare in our marketplace. Like us they do not cost the earth.
  • We offer a personal touch that can be missing in some large corporate providers. When we appoint one of our team as your provider, they will stay with you.


A sample of the Global Mobility programs our team have worked on :

Yahoo ! the US Embassy in London, Rolls-Royce plc, Epson, BNP Paribas, Johnson & Johnson, Banco Santander.

Our services

Let’s take a sample – a full list can be exhaustive

  • Tax return programs – home and host
  • Tax equalisation – designing policies or managing them (includes challenging expats ).
  • Expatriate payroll – a modified scheme or a bespoke one.
  • Tracking assignees – wherever they may work, withholding issues - remains a hot topic.
  • Tax enquiries - cooperating with tax authorities and limiting your costs.
  • Social security – identifying savings and possible exemptions.
  • Major Assignee moves – workshops, managing groups of new arrivals or departures.
  • Cost projections – for new projects


We work with clients who need to manage part of their program entirely eg the whole entry process. Other clients prefer us to join and partner them on projects.