There are a number of considerations when taking work assignments, or placements, overseas. Working internationally does attract many benefits, even including reduced tax liabilities, but it can also mean additional requirements. If you work, or have worked overseas, then you will usually be required to complete income tax returns for your host country, as well as for your home country. Our expatriate tax consultants can help prepare these returns, ensure that they are accurate, and make sure that you benefit from any relief and tax benefits that are available.

Expatriate Tax Requirements

Every country has slightly different tax requirements. Not only are these governed by the tax laws prevalent in that country, but also by any taxation treaties that are in force between the host country and your home country.

HMRC requires that you complete tax returns, detailing your work abroad as well as your income and taxes paid. This, coupled with any treaty that is in place with the host country, will determine whether you have to pay any home tax, whether you owe any tax above your hypothetical tax rate, or whether you are entitled to a rebate.

Income Tax Returns

One potential problem faced by overseas workers is the potential of double taxation. If you pay income tax both to your home country, and to your host country, on the same income, this means that you may be taxed twice. Ultimately, this means that you will be losing money.

Professional tax consultancy services can help decipher the terms of existing tax treaties, ensure that you are not paying double taxation, and help you prepare your income tax returns for submission in your home country and your host country. You will be free from worrying about whether you have overpaid or underpaid, and will be able to continue your overseas assignment.

Equalisation And Protection Calculations

Tax equalisation and tax protection are common taxation plans used by businesses, to deal with the problem of any tax deficit or surplus that employees may face. Our experienced tax consultancy not only helps complete income tax returns, but can calculate the equalisation and protection figures for your company and your assignees.

What To Do Now

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