There are many types of work permit that can be used to enable an employee, or assignee, to work overseas. While some immigration permits require the expatriate to complete the permit application themselves, it is commonplace for work permits to be granted to employers.

Work permit applications can be complex, and the application process may differ according to the host country, and, specifically, their relationship with the home country. While permit applications between EU member states, for example, may be relatively straightforward, they can prove considerably more complex when dealing with countries outside the Eurozone.

Legal Requirements

You will need to consider the legal and jurisdictional requirements of the host country, when considering a work permit. Permits will be granted for a specific period of time, and the permit holder will only be allowed in the country for a particular purpose. Extensions may be available, and for those employees that reside within the host country for a long period time, it may be possible to gain citizenship.

Our professional expatriate consultancy services can advise on all aspects of immigration, work permits, and citizenship, and we can assist in the application process for any permits that your organisation requires, or that you personally require.

Employer Obligations

Sending an employee on an overseas assignment, or to work internationally, means that you will need to provide that employee with certain guidance, information, and assistance. You can provide them with taxation assistance, typically through tax equalisation or tax protection, and ensure that they are prepared for the move.

Our experienced tax consultants can be called upon to gather the relevant tax information, prepare permit applications, and even to submit annual income tax returns. This enables your employee to concentrate on their work, and allows you to be confident that the reputation and welfare of your employee and your organisation is retained.

Professional Advice on Immigration and Work Permits

Working internationally can be stressful and it will raise certain obstacles for the employee. With our professional immigration and work permit services, coupled with financial taxation guidance, you can ensure that you all legal, professional, and personal requirements are met.

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