There are many factors to consider when an assignee relocates overseas. They will usually require professional assistance in dealing with taxation and social security laws, and they may become subject to estate duty laws that exist in the host country. Estate tax treaties exist between many countries, but through the use of a professional and experienced expatriate tax consultant, it is possible to ensure that your employees only face the necessary level of exposure to these treaties and local laws.

Estate Taxation Laws

Tax laws vary from one country to the next and even from different states to the next, in some areas of the world. It is essential that overseas assignees have a clear understanding of the taxes that they will face. As an employer, providing your assignees with accurate and clear guidance benefits you both.

Estate taxation can be a complex area of international tax law, and one that individuals should not be left to navigate alone. Errors can prove extremely costly for the individual, and your organisation could suffer a loss of reputation too. A professional estate planning service can help avoid any penalties and mistakes.

Treaties and Treaty Interpretation

Many countries have now entered into estate and gift tax treaties. These treaties are designed to ensure that the assignee pays what is deemed to be a fair amount of tax, but they can be open to some degree of interpretation and confusion.

Our professional expatriate tax consultancy service will help determine whether your assignees will be subject to these treaties, and we can interpret the details and clauses. Not only does this ensure that your assignees are fully protected, but it also means that they, or you, can reap the rewards of any tax benefits that may be available.

Expatriate Taxation Planning

Ideally, estate planning and taxation planning should be completed before the assignee arrives in the host country. This helps avoid any potential problems, while also ensuring that they are able to concentrate on work and settling in to their new, temporary life. Our professional expatriate tax consultancy team can provide guidance and professional help in all areas of relevant tax and estate law.

What To Do Now

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