There are many factors that may come into force when considering expatriate pension plan entitlements. It is a commonly held dream to retire abroad, but the thought of losing a pension plan in your home country, or having it frozen, can be off-putting. Furthermore, if you have lived and worked in a number of countries, then you may have accumulated a number of pension plans in different areas, you should seek professional advice on how best to draw on those plans.

Pension Plan Accruements At Home and Abroad

If you are an expatriate working abroad, then you may legally be required to accrue benefits for your pension in the host country, even if you intend to return home. There may also be implications for your home country pension plan. You need to ensure that you meet any regulation requirements, while also ensuring that you have an appropriate level of pension for when you retire.

If you are no longer considered resident of your home country, you may not be entitled to contribute to an existing pension plan. Similarly, if you are set to embark on an overseas posting, or assignment, then you may need advice on how to set up as suitable pension contribution plan, and want advice on your employer’s contribution requirements. Our experience expatriate tax consultation services can provide you with all the advice that you require.

Retirees and Claiming Pension Plan Entitlements

You may have built up a beneficial pension plan in your home country but are now unsure how to access your pension. Many employees that work overseas find the question of how to accrue and access their pension even more complex. With professional expatriate tax consultation, however, you can be certain that you are meeting your requirements, accruing a suitable pension, and that you have access to the money that you have put aside.

The Importance of Professional Advice

Life expectancy is increasing, and this means that a decent pension plan is more important than ever before. Using a professional expatriate consultancy service means that you will be able to access the money that you have accumulated over the years, regardless of where your pension plans were established, and where you now live.

What To Do Now

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