You might ask how GETS as a tax firm can specialise in a region with little or no tax.  We have a large number of British expatriates who require our niche tax advice. This is where we often act for individuals rather than employers. UK tax planning is critical for them – their UK income and capital gains tax. Even inheritance tax.

UK non-residence

The new 2013 statutory rules mean that tax non-residence is not simply about “day counting”.   HM Revenue & Customs now raise detailed questions about an expatriate's work pattern overseas, any work that he undertakes in the UK, his historic travel and many other issues.

UK Government pension

For individuals retiring after 2016, the basic state pension will rise by ~£2,000 per annum.  An expatriate from the UK who has paid UK National Insurance can preserve and increase her entitlement to her state pension whilst living overseas.  There are a number of routes to achieve this.

Common questions from our clients

British expatriates in the Middle East regularly ask us to deal with these matters.

  • Selling UK properties - without proper planning this can trigger UK capital gains tax even for longer term expatriates.
  • UK based investments dividends, bank interest - ensuring tax efficient structures for non-resident assignees.
  • Historic enquiries - HMRC can investigate up to 4 previous tax years, and challenge for example non-resident claims, and the tax position of UK rents.  We can help to build a logical case for defending our clients.