There are many things for an expatriate employee to consider and arrange when working abroad. As well as meeting the taxation requirements in their home country, they should also have a full understanding of what is required from them in their host country. A post arrival taxation consultation not only benefits the employee, but you, as their employer, too.

Legal Requirements

Strictly speaking, it is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that they meet local and home country taxation requirements. However, as their employer, when sending employees abroad on work assignments, you should ensure that you offer any assistance possible.

The UK has strict taxation laws, as well as mutual relationships with other countries, and this means that the requirements of the individual will change according to where they travel, and where they will be earning their money. A knowledgeable tax consultant can provide you, and your employees, with all of the relevant information so that you remain within the law.

Tax Benefits

As well as the requirement to meet legal obligations, there are certain benefits that may be afforded to the employee. The differing tax laws mean that it can prove financially beneficial, at least in some respects, to work on assignment in a different tax jurisdiction.

A post arrival taxation consultation can assist employees in identifying any tax savings, and tax benefits, that they can access.

Other Requirements And Information

It will be necessary to provide certain information to local tax offices and departments. While a lot of this information will have been collected and submitted prior to arrival, a professional tax consultant can gather any missing and relevant data. We can also help identify any other financial requirements and information required by the employee to make their arrival as smooth and trouble free as possible.

Employee and Employer Benefits

Using an experience expatriate tax consultant affords benefits to both the employer and employee. Our post arrival taxation consultation is designed to ensure that you can provide employees with the information and taxation guidance required, and that your employees are able to concentrate on their new role and additional responsibilities.

What To Do Now

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