Employers that operate international trading networks regularly send employees on assignment away from home. A pre-departure taxation consultation enables the employer to provide suitable taxation and social services advice and guidance.

The employee will be given the support they require in order to be able to integrate into their new environment, meet any legal requirements, and protect their earnings and assets. Every country has different rules, and it is vital for both employer and employee that these rules are stringently adhered to. We can help, by providing a pre-departure taxation consultation that will provide employees with all of the relevant information and guidance that they require.

Different Country, Different Rules

Every country has different taxation and social services rules. Expatriate workers need the support of their employers, not only in settling into their new role, but in understanding the laws that govern their personal finances.

Most employees will have questions about their taxation liabilities and rights in their home and host countries. A taxation consultation allows your employees to enjoy a greater understanding of their legal requirements, and also any tax benefits that they can gain while in the host country.

Meeting Legal Requirements

It is important that your employees meet the legal requirements of the host country. Taxation laws do vary, and even the most experienced employee may require assistance with tax planning in their home country, while also ensuring that they meet the requirements of the host country.

Supporting Employees

Certain tax benefits may also exist for employees, while on assignment abroad. This will depend on both the host and home country, and any tax agreements between them. Again, the relationship between countries differs and using an expatriate tax specialist helps ensure that your employees can benefit from accurate tax planning.

During the pre-departure taxation consultation, employees will be provided with all the information they require in order to meet legal obligations in their home and host country, and they will also be given advice on how to enjoy any tax benefits that may exist. They can concentrate their efforts on settling into a new job, so that you can benefit from having well informed and happy employees.

What To Do Now

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