Britain Exports More People Than Any Other Country In The EU

According to research by Finnacord, Britain is now the largest exporter of people in the UK and the third largest in the world behind India and China. What’s more, the 1.16 million figure is expected to continue growing over the next three years, and is only marginally less than the 1.19 million foreign expatriates that live in the UK. The majority of those that left the country did so for work, with only around 25% retiring to sunnier climes.

Financial research and consulting company Finnacord studied and surveyed people from 25 countries to determine the number of expatriates from home and abroad. The findings may be a surprise to many Brits, as it was determine that 1.16m have emigrated to foreign soil, while 1.19m foreign expats live within the UK. Only China and India had more of their people living abroad in the whole list.

Finaccord has used these figures to predict how things will look in three years too, and according to them, the gap between imports and exports will widen further. They predict that in 2017, the number of foreign expats in the UK will total 1.3m while the number of Brits living abroad will be 1.21m. A difference of 30,000 people now will, therefore, increase to a difference of 90,000 in just three years.

According to the survey, the primary reason for moving abroad was to take up work in a foreign country. The UK, despite being relatively small in size, still have very strong ties with many countries, including some of the world’s largest economies. Companies have offices, or conduct their business, in countries from China and India to the US and Australia. More than half of those that moved abroad, did so for work.

Work wasn’t the only attraction, though, and the second most popular reason to leave the country was to retire. Approximately 25% of the 1.16m people abroad had retired. 5% moved abroad to study and there will obviously be a number of people that have moved because their partners or parents have taken up work in another country.

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