Car Industry Wants To Remain In The EU

92% of companies in the UK car industry want to remain a part of the EU according to a survey conducted by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. The debate regarding whether Britain should remain a part of the EU continues to wage, and according to the survey that was completed by YouGov, only 3% of those questioned thought they would benefit if the UK left the EU.

EU membership has its fans and its detractors. The PM David Cameron has attempted to pull the country away from the perceived firm grasp that the EU has had on the country, and has promised a referendum to determine the country’s opinions on the matter. The referendum would enable everybody to have their individual say on whether we would be better as part of the EU or standing alone.

Officials from the US, as well as from a number of EU member states, have urged politicians to carefully consider their position. They have stated that leaving the EU would be a mistake for the country, and especially for its businesses. However, the likes of UKIP leader Nigel Farrage has fervently debated the point, claiming that British business would be better standing alone. Although the PM has attempted to effectively ignore some Brussels regulations, he has stopped from going as far as to say that we will walk away from the group.

The car manufacturing industry, which bucked the European trend in 2013 and saw considerable growth in manufacturing levels, clearly believes that the country should remain part of a unified EU. 92% of respondents to the YouGov survey said that they believed the recent upsurge came thanks to European membership, while only 3% said they believed the country should leave the EU because it would benefit them.

The British car manufacturing industry is a considerable on, not only for the fact that it generates approximately £60bn of sales but because it includes companies from all over the world, and it employs nearly three quarters of a million workers. 5% of the respondents questioned said that they had no opinion on leaving the EU.

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