Massive Leap In Emigration During January

The number of people that chose to emigrate saw a massive bump in January, even compared to last year. One emigration website polled more than 1,000 visa applicants and determined that while some people chose January because it allowed them to spend time with family first, many made the decision on the spare of the moment. While the benefits of moving abroad may be obvious, there are a number of obstacles that must first be overcome, and those considering becoming expatriates should consider the long-term ramifications of moving to a new country and living in a new regime. conducted a survey of more than 1,000 of its customers, having seen a 121% increase in the number of people looking to move abroad. While January has always proven a popular month to make the move, this year saw figures inflate even further than usual.

The website asked its respondents for the motivation behind their move. 43% of those questioned said that the new year was the best time to make a change because it represented a new start. 29% chose January because they wanted to celebrate Christmas with family before leaving them behind, and 24% said there was less competition for graduate jobs. Alarmingly, however, 39% said that the choice was an impulsive decision, rather than something they had been considering for a long period of time.

Hundreds of thousands of Brits make the move abroad every single year, and it is easy to see the benefits when large swaths of the country’s residents are under floodwater and suffering from particularly poor winter conditions. Broad ranging budget cuts and high unemployment figures in the UK are also motivators for many people to look for viable alternatives. However, moving abroad means a massive change in all aspects of life and those that carefully consider the move are the ones that are more likely to enjoy a beneficial new life.

Of the respondents that said they had made the decision on the spur of the moment, 31% blamed a relationship breakdown, 24% said they were fed up of the weather, and 18% cited the January blues as the primary reason for their proposed move.

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